Liquid Vitae is a proprietary fertilization blend providing health to the landscape in a natural, safe, and sustainable way.  The liquid blend combines ocean minerals with organic fertilizer producing an incredibly effective, non-toxic alternative to conventional fertilizer. 

In 2015 Liquid Vitae was trademarked by Sustainscape, Inc.  Using a vermicompost blend of earth minerals combined with sea nutrients the company began learning how organic fertilizer is an effective solution to feed plants.  The earthworm’s natural action converts compost into castings rich in beneficial bacteria.  Rain water is the base for the solution.
During a 2018 research trip to Belize, Dennis discovered a nuisance seaweed bloom in the Caribbean. Sparked by environmental passion and entrepreneurial spirit, Dennis began a journey to understand this seaweed,  Sargassum spp, an ocean algae mostly seen in the Atlantic Ocean.   After studying the effects of Sargasso on the health of plants, Liquid Vitae blend was dramatically improved.
One part of the fertilization product takes excess sea minerals from the ocean and applies them to the soil and foliage readily available for plant absorption. The second part delivers beneficial bacteria, assisting with the health of a plant’s root system.
While we are further studying the true benefits of Sargasso as a fertilizer, the large blooms in the Caribbean could be due to excess nitrogen runoff from our own communities along the coast.  Sustainscape is focusing on alternative fertilization formulation through continuous improvement processes and research.
Liquid Vitae brings the elements into a landscape allowing life to flourish.  Applying Liquid Vitae allows for an immediate enjoyment; it is safe for people and pets immediately after application, requiring no special handling.  Liquid Vitae improves the health of your landscape with each application.   The product is manufactured and distributed out of Boca Raton, FL.

Why a Fertilization Program?

All plants can benefit from a fertilization program.  Liquid Vitae’s unique blend delivers nutrients and bacteria to plants increasing growth patterns and overall plant health.  Liquid Vitae is used successfully on grasses, palms, fruit trees, edible gardens, botanical plants, and trees.  Whatever the makeup of your landscape, Liquid Vitae will increase the beauty of your property while decreasing the need for harmful chemicals.