Landscape Design

Creating an outdoor experience using nature as the guide.

Some of our recent design projects...

Our approach to sustainable landscape design focuses around beauty, practicality, diversity, and allowing ecology to guide.  We take a long term approach to our design, allowing the plants to grow naturally into their collective space.  Our designs create a unique solution for each client, their specific location, and use of space. Our goal is for you to enjoy the creative edge.  We pride ourselves in providing, not just color or clean lines, but a collaborative approach to reducing water consumption and strengthening biological pest control.  

Our sustainable landscape design
principles focus on...

  • Naturalism to client’s desired level.
  • Inviting insects for biological control. 
  • Eliminating the use of toxic herbicides and pesticides.
  • Promoting permaculture with a mixture of native and edible plants. 
  • Lowering noise by creating a landscape requiring maintenance only with manual or electric pruning tools instead of machine/gas driven tools.

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