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The development of Liquid Vitae started from an observation, which created an idea.  In 2005, Dennis was diving in an ocean reef off Delray Beach, FL and saw a green ocean algae covering a reef.  He learned the algae was the result of a nutrient runoff from our waterways.  Ever since that day, Dennis has dedicated his life to learning more about ocean algae, sustainability, and how to develop an organic fertilizer to help reduce the devastating impacts. 

Dennis de Zeeuw

Dennis de Zeeuw is the founder of Sustainscape, Inc. and creator of Liquid Vitae organic fertilizer.  After discovering green algae covering coral off the coast in Palm Beach County in 2005, Dennis began developing a better concept to landscape and fertilize plant life.  Educating himself with the benefits of native plants, edible gardens, and organic soils, he linked sustainable, organic practices to the health of our ocean and reef system.  Over the last 10 years, he has dedicated his life to the importance of how we can create a better way to grow food, design landscapes and improve the quality of our ocean’s ecosystem.  Dennis continuously strives to improve customer relationships by developing sustainable practices outpacing the competition.  Establishing a strong customer relationship is an important aspect of the company’s mission to create a sustainable landscape in Florida.  As Sustainscape continues to grow,  He strives to work with other businesses to promote environmental awareness.

The Sustainscape Crew

The Sustainscape Crew is made up of hard working individuals who are interested in sustainability, nature, and the outdoors. We are very down to earth because everyday we are down in the earth!

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