Railroad Vine

Railroad Vine, Morning Glory

Ipomoea pes-caprae subsp. brasiliensis
Type: Herbaceous Vine
Landscape Uses:   The pes-caprae species of Morning Glory is an underused plant in landscape settings.  Even though it is common in beach restoration and natural coastal settings, it is not generally used in landscape design or installation.  This needs to change. There is absolutely no real good explanation for its under utilization in South Florida.  It creates an extremely full tropical “ground cover” look in sandy soils.  It is an excellent native plant in open bedding areas with full sun.  Beware, it does not perform well in shade.   
Soil requirement:   Sandy soils with little to no organic matter
Light requirement:  Full Sun
Water requirement:  Completely drought tolerant after establishment
Pollinator status:   Attracts a multitude of bees and the ‘Cloudless Sulfur’ butterfly (Phoebis sennaealong our coast lines.