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South Florida’s most innovative sustainable landscape services.  We specialize in custom landscape design and installation, chemical free landscape maintenance and organic lawn care, water efficient irrigation and many more sustainable services.

Determined to make a difference.

We believe in our boutique style landscape service.

Sustainscape uses proprietary practices converting conventional to sustainable landscapes.  Our principles recognize the importance and interrelation of plants, soil, and water.   We focus on creating a balance for a beautiful and functional result.  Working from the soil up, we are proud to use only organic processes.

Sustainscape, Inc

We work hard to bring sustainable ideas to life

Sustainscape, Inc. is dedicated to bringing you South Florida’s most innovative sustainable landscape services.  We specialize in custom landscape design and installation, chemical free landscape maintenance and organic lawn care, water efficient irrigation and many more sustainable services.

Sustainable Landscape Design

Our approach to sustainable landscape design focuses around beauty, practicality, diversity, and allowing ecology to guide.  We take a long term approach to our design, allowing the plants to grow into the yard.  Our design is a unique solution for each client, their specific location, and their use of the space. Our goal is for you to enjoy the creative edge.  We pride ourselves in providing to each customer, not just color or clean lines but, specific need based collaborative approach to using the whole space for years to come.


Landscape Maintenance

Our maintenance crew is trained to perform all tasks in the garden and landscape.   We are constantly working on creating a balance in the soil and allowing the plants to perform optimally at their specific times of the season.  Proper pruning, organic weed control, south florida native plants, and water management are all aspects used to achieve the balance of a sustainable landscape.


LiquidVitae Organic Fertilization

There is a problem with ocean algae and reef ecology.  Chemical fertilizers are part of the problem, we are part of the solution.  Liquid Vitae was created to fundamentally change the view of plant growth and nourishment.  The goal is to bring symmetry and nutrients to plants on land while enhancing the ocean’s balance.  Our research and development is continuous.

Irrigation and Water Conservation

Using irrigation as a supplement for watering plants is many times necessary in our Florida climate.  Sustainable irrigation incorporates water conservation and proper configuration of the sprinkler system to acheive maximum plant health.  We have developed our methodology with the plant through education and experience.  We believe water is a precious resource and spray the right amount of water for each plant and species.

The Nursery at Sustainscape

The newest addition to the Sustainscape family.  Step into our nursery experience.  Feel the beauty in permaculture and pollinating plants.  Find a sense of your outdoor space with our plants and products. (additional information coming soon!)





Creating drainage is a vital aspect for many landscapes in South Florida, many times overlooked.  We believe moving water responsibly is more than pushing water away from a structure.  We practice drainage techniques providing protection to your home, building, landscape, and surrrounding environment.


Sustainable Landscaping Services & Design in South Florida - Sustainscape
Organic Fertilizer in Boca Raton, Palm Beach, Liquid Vitae

Our Mission

The mission of Sustainscape, Inc. is to develop innovative practices creating a sustainable landscape in South Florida.  Promote the growth of indigenous plants to preserve natural biodiversity, and protect the community.

We hired Sustainscape Landscaping to Consult and advise on our new junior Olympic size pool yard redesign. Dennis and his staff was very friendly, professional and conscious of our budget. I was provided a quote the next day after he reviewed my requirements. I was amazed to see how detailed oriented Dennis was in making my vision come to fruition, my backyard is 1acre and we could not have designed this tropical paradise without Sustainscape’s expertise. The staff was great to work with; very friendly and professional. I was kept informed of the progress at all times and we received a beautiful product. We have received many compliments on the Landscaping installed; and, I have already requested that two of my neighbors consider them for a project. Before making a decision, please consider Sustainscape on your next project. They are local and they know what will work best for your vision.

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A Google User

I have used their sprinkler service for years. When I purchased a cottage in downtown Lake Worth Beach, Dennis suggested xeriscaping the yard to improve the look, cut down on maintenance and cut back water needs. All was accomplished in a timely manner and it is such an improvement. Only native plants and trees were used and only organic fertilizer and pest control are used. If I have a problem I can call, text or Email and am confident of a response quickly. I highly recommend Sustainscape and their use of native species.

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Great landscaping design and installation of Florida native plants. Dennis is a pro at designing a landscape that will continue to mature and increase in beauty and benefit our earth and all living things. I have a large variety of pollinators that are attracted to my yard because of the the design Dennis created. There are many, many butterflies that visit my yard every day, very pretty and peaceful. Dennis continues to care for my plants by fertilizing and controlling pests with an environmentally safe organic product that does not harm people, pets or the environment..
I highly recommend Dennis and Sustainscape for all your garden needs.
Lois/Boca Raton

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Michelle Woodstock123

Lovely nursery. It felt wonderful being there. I truly enjoyed walking and looking at their large selection of plants. They carry natives you wouldn’t find at other nurseries. It’s so nice to see these plants introduced into people’s landscapes. Also, very refreshing to see a nursery grow so many edibles. It’s a one stop shop, you can plant your yard with pollinator plants, larval host plants, edibles and natives to support our bird community and if you get lucky migratory birds!

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christina perez
Blanket Flower

Blanket Flower

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Sea Oxeye

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Passion Flower

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