Morikami Gardens

Liquid Vitae

We first visited Morikami Gardens April 22, 2019 to treat the Slash Pines (Pinus elliottii var, densa) in the Rocky Point section. The Pines had chlorotic (yellowing) needles indicating a lack of nutrients.    The Morikami has sections where they irrigate plants and lawn which contributes to the depletion of nutrients for the Slash Pines. Slash Pines by nature do not like additional water above typical rainfall for the area.  Slash Pines are native to south Florida.  Several trunks were observed to have moisture from above ground irrigation with lichen growth.  Lichen is not a problem in and of itself however, it is a symptom of a problem.

We began treating the Slash Pines with root drenches applied to the base of each tree.  One this first treatment, we treated several pines at the entrance of the park and all the slash pines at rocky point leading around the lake to the museum.

The formula of Liquid VItae for this treatment was recently modified to include Sargassum seaweed which we had come to know supplied additional beneficial nutrients to our fertilization process.