As we Journey into the Food Forest.
As we grow more familiar with different plant species, we as a society are unconsciously moving toward a landscape more contributing to pollinators and accepting edible plants.  We can be truely in love with the birds and the bees and how they specialize to particular plants.  
Mixing native planting with a variety of fruit trees creates its own outdoor experience. The beauty of the plant is linked to the insect it attracts and how they interact with companion plants. What if the plant pollinates, yet outcompetes or invades? Exotic plants must move back to their native grounds in order for our future food forest and native plant gardens to be sustainable and enjoyable. True balance comes from understanding the specialization of plants and insects. The understanding of this journey is not always clear. Creating this balance for insects will bring balance to humans. As we journey into the food forest, bring with you respect for your family and the plants that take care of our family and our world.