Amazing experience with Sustainscape! Dennis, the owner of the company, came to our house for the initial tuneup. He also assessed our entire sprinkler system and provided us with a professional, strategic recommendation to make our system run more efficiently. Dennis and his associates were very patient and detailed while explaining the various reasons why improvements to our system were necessary. The technician that came out to do the repairs was excellent; he was clearly a very talented technician who valued his work and his job. He was 100% dedicated to making our system run perfectly. The tech also took the time to explain every thing he was doing to make sure we were comfortable with the work being performed. Professional, talented, timely, and always available for questions, I would recommend Sustainscape to anyone who is looking for high quality service–customer service and actual labor! Their approach is very holistic and they ensure that the customer is satisfied and understands the process at all times! Don’t go with anyone else!

Description of Work: Sprinkler tuneup, reconfigure one entire zone, strategically cap/fix/clean all sprinkler heads that weren’t functioning effectively, discovered problem with (index valve) switching from zone to zone.


Boynton Beach

Dennis, the owner of Sustainscape, first came to us in back in July of 2013. He saw what we had, and developed a complete computer designed layout of the redesign of our backyard. He carefully looked where the sun was brightest, which areas had sunlight and for how long each day. He provided us with a large site plan suggesting as to where the various plants, flowers, trees, and grass would be planted.


When we agreed to the plan his team came in and placed plastic sheets all over the existing grass we had to kill it and all the organisms in the ground. That basically sterilized the ground to allow the new plantings and grass to flourish. It is called solarization. After that was completed, he and his team removed all the non-native and overgrown plants and trees from our backyard.


When that process was complete, he began planting the bushes, flowers, trees, and grass we had agreed on. The yard is a wonderful combination of flowers, and other plants that completely match our original wishes. We get compliments from all who see it. The flowers are growing as planned. Butterflies have found the yard and it is a symphony of color.


In addition his team rearranged the irrigation system to fit the requirements of the plantings. Some areas need additional sprinklers, others less. He also designed a rain garden where the flow of the rain gutters from the house run off into an area that contains plants suited for wetter environments. It is one of the key spaces in the entire backyard. Really very well thought out design. And it works!


He also constructed a raised bed vegetable garden for us. It contains its own little irrigation system so it is not at the mercy of the sprinkler system only. Herbs and strawberries are flourishing so far.


There was an issue with the grass when it first was planted, but Dennis quickly determined it was a fungus and treated it with all natural pesticides and now the grass is something to behold.  It is not a quick process and you have to wait or Mother Nature to do her thing but the end results are truly amazing.


Dennis is a fountain of knowledge regarding native Florida botanicals as well as a true believer in natural fertilizers and pesticides. He is an honorable, fair, and easy to work with person.

Ken F.

East Boca Raton

Pithecellobium keyense

Pithecellobium keyense (Florida Keys blackbead)

I am a Treasurer of a condominium association that has employed Sustainscape, Inc. since May of 2009. Sustainscape, Inc. has been in charge of the landscape design, implementation and basically the revival of our property… We started off with the basics, exotic and ficus removal, replanting small areas at a time. After more than a year and half of Sustainscape’s tireless services, the result is a property full of flowering, habitat-friendly, visually pleasing, and minimal maintenance required plants and trees. We were even able to retire our irrigation system. I have a new appreciation for the impact we can make on even the smallest piece of green space. We have a butterfly and bee population next to a major road! All of this wouldn’t have been possible without Sustainscape’s help… Three words describe this company best, dependability, passion, and customer focus… Dennis has gone out of his way to make sure we are making the right decisions when we plan all of our projects. We could not be happier with the service and would recommend Sustainscape, Inc. to anyone with an eye towards sustainable landscaping designed for the South Florida environment.


Condominium Association Treasurer, Pompano Beach

I had an issue on my property where after a large rainstorm, my patio would flood.   I called Sustainscape after reviewing Angie’s List and after looking at their website. Dennis called, setup the appointment and came out to look at the property. I will say that Dennis is very pleasant and professional. He arrived on time, took notes, and recommended a French drain which would feed right from the gutter. He also suggested regrading the level of the ground, add some plants which soak up a lot of water and would also add a highly absorbent mulch.
On the day of the work, Dennis and his helper arrived on time, they cleared the area, and dug the area where the drain would go. They set the drain. In addition, they cleared and changed the grade of the land so that the water would not come into the patio.
Overall, I am very pleased with Sustainscape and the work they did for me at my house. They did what they said they would do. They did the work very well and afterwards, they cleaned the area up after they were done. The entire experience was great. I had the work I needed done completed without issues and everything leading up to that point, the phone calls, the appointment setting, the estimates, etc, was very clear.

Homeowner, Boca Raton

Thanks again for your counsel and professionalism, Dennis.  Your team was truly excellent.  I look forward to continuing to work with you and to recommending Sustainscape.  I’ll let you know what the reaction of my neighbors is.  🙂 


Homeowner, West Palm Beach

 I first contacted Sustainscape prior to the purchase of my new home, Dennis was so nice he went and looked at the place and gave me a rough idea of what he would do, and the time frame.  After I moved in and re contacted him he sent me e-mails of plant ideas with all of their descriptions. After our e-mails and him coming out several times I was ready to start the process, everything went smooth, his crew were very nice and friendly.  Dennis is very knowledgeable, and professional. I love my new yard!


Homeowner, Boca Raton

I had a drainage problem.  Solution: Rain Garden.  Outcome… PERFECT!!!!

Dennis and his team arrived on time and began work immediately.  Cleaned up after the installation and spent some time explaining how they did the installation and the why he picked the plants that were installed.  Several days later called to check after a rain storm.  Simple answer PERFECT.  We use to get standing water on a section of our sidewalk now any water that that settles there simple runs into the rain garden… Switching plants and trees to natives, sprinkler issues  and removal of evasive plants.  In all areas Dennis has outperformed any other landscaping company we have used over 30 years.  Our water bill has dropped with all the sprinkler adjustment.  We are using no chemicals so our maintenance is steadily decreasing.


Homeowner, Boca Raton

One grapefruit tree was so sickly it had to be taken out, and it looked like the others would soon follow… Dennis has set me up with a worm farm which is producing castings which are being used to fertilize the citrus and soon my entire garden… now they have put out rich foliage and most have increased in size.  They also have lots of fruits coming out… I recommend this kind of treatment for any landscape.


Homeowner, Boynton Beach

Dennis is amazing! He is very knowledgeable about Florida plant life and how to keep your lawn looking nice without chemicals! If you have kids and don’t want them running around in chemicals, but still want a nice looking yard, call Dennis. He went out of his way (literally and figuratively) to help me and answer my questions. As a mom I feel so much relief knowing that my kids aren’t exposed to the junk that 99.9% of landscapers use, and still I have a gorgeous lawn. THANK YOU! I COULDN’T BE HAPPIER!


Homeowner, Cooper City

Capparis cynophallophora (Jamaica caper-tree)

Sustainscape transformed my back yard from a wasteland to a slice of paradise. Dennis knows what to plant, where to plant it – and how to make it thrive. He e-mailed me lots of photos of plants and trees and spent a lot of time listening to my vision and offering suggestions – and kept his sense of humor when I changed my mind several times. The back yard looks so stunning (and is so easy to care for) that I hired Dennis and his awesome crew to work their magic on my side yard. Next up … the front yard.


Homeowner, Boynton Beach

They don’t use Round up (hurray!) or other commercial pesticides/herbicides. The fertilizer product is one they make themselves. They check the sprinklers each month and adjust them. If something needs to be fixed they’ll let me know and give me a price… We’re also having them add a shade tree to our back yard. Dennis gave us a few options of native trees that fit our needs.  He is very good about asking lots of questions to make sure he knows what we want and letting us know what he thinks is best… The crew has been out a few times when I have been here. They do a good job and seem very conscience about their work rather than just racing through like our old company. If you are willing to spend a little more and want an environmentally sound, non-toxic, not your Home Depot type landscape, try Sustainscape.


Homeowner, Boca Raton

Their attention to detail, prompt and proactive communication, and technical knowledge have made this project very enjoyable. Although we know virtually nothing about botany, the owner, Dennis, was able to take our general concepts and ideas and provide us with the information that we needed to make informed decisions about our project. Consequently, the end result has been even better than we had hoped.

Botanical Layman

Boca Raton